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Customers can get the best Screen Recorder for Windows 2017, the robust application to record anything on the screen and select audio input from system audio or microphone audio. It comes with many advanced feature with different screen recording option and you can text and image watermarks to your recording. You can record training video, webcam video, personalized music video and more. In screen recorder for windows, you can add hot keys for starting, pausing and stopping of the video. the most important program is that it capture screen as well as speaker audio at the same time. You can take screenshots during recording and output in various high quality formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV etc.

The screen recorder for windows supports multiple audio modes and add hot keys for starting, pausing and for stop recording. You can make the mouse visible with optional mouse click visual and sound effect that make highlighting your point in the presentation easier. Customize and edit every screenshot with professional quality markup tools and trim any part of your recording. User’s can bring the image to the correct size, right down to pixel and use the new resize option to enter new dimension to scale the size of the image. There is many editing features like line, shape, fill, highlighter, cut out, special effects and more. You can capture anything on the screen and it is easy to use. Currently, grab saving on the product by using the promo.


Get the best PC screen recorder software with savings and offer from Snagit. The best screen capturing and image manipulation software to record stills and videos. You can capture anything on the computer screen and choose the particular area on the computer screen. It allows you to customize and edit every screenshot with professional quality markup tools as well as trim any part of the recording or convert to videos to animated GIF. With Techsmith Snagit, you can quickly get rid of any unwanted section from the screen recording where you can remove cough, ums and ahs from anywhere in the recording. You can include audio in your videos from microphone or from computer system audio.

Snagit allows you to move objects or remove the image background without impacting the original image quality and it can be used for fast image edits in documentation, website mockup and more. You can add personality and professionalism to your screenshots with various pre-made styles or create by your own. The images can be resized to correct size, right down to pixel as well as resize option to enter new dimension to scale the size of the image. There are many editing features like arrow, text, callout, pen, shape, line and many more. Arrow function lets you to call attention or highlight an item in your screen grab and crop tool removes unwanted areas from the edges of the image. Customers can avail discount on the product by using coupon at Techsmith Snagit.

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Avail the screen capture for windows free from Screencast-O-Matic. It is a instant screen capture and sharing software which is easy to use and simple to operate. You can record a full screen or selected portion of the video with many tools and features available. With Screencast-O-Matic, you can record lectures, webinars, demos, game, skype call and more. The script tool allows you to make error free, perfectly timed and captioned recording. The users can add arrows, text and shapes, draw freehand, zoom & pan while recording. There are edit tools where you can insert intros and outros, add MP4 video and add music to the recording.

The Screencast-O-Matic lets you to overlay shapes, text and arrows, blur section and highlight areas. You can make animate text and shapes to transition to make more transition including 3D effects. The user’s can zoom and pan or speed up and down on any part of the video. easiest way to publish the video on youtube, google drive, dropbox and vimeo right from the recorder. It supports formats like MP4, AVI and FLV movie and the ability to make longer recording as well as record audio (windows only). The recordings are done in a fast manner and also share it on social media sites quickly. You can schedule your recording and capture it from multiple monitor.

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Do screen capture or video recording in a fastest way for Windows and Mac from TinyTake. You capture any image or videos from the Windows screen where you can add comments and share them in minutes. With TinyTake, you can capture a screenshot or video that has up to 120 minutes and you can select the type of screen capture that you would like to make from the desktop client. The users can annotate the screen shots and videos where you can markup screenshot with text box, arrow, highlight and more. The Tinytake allows you to record a video using your web cam and share a link to the stored screenshot and video.

TinyTake allows you to store screenshots and videos in the cloud and assign custom short cut keys. You can open, annotate and share an existing image and zoom in and out for the recording. The dragme feature in the image editor allows you to drag an annotated image directly from tinytake to any application that supports image. It makes sharing an annotated image as an attachment which makes much more accessible and faster than ever. You can review, edit and reupload images from capture history and additionally drag and drop any picture from your local drive for annotation and sharing. The video player is optimized to work reliably on mobile device and stream large files to give seamless and faster experience.



Get the reliable best screen capture for windows that allows you to capture high quality video from Ezvid. You can edit your video and then save it for later or upload the videos to youtube directly. It is the alternate solution windows movie maker where you can get free soundtrack music. Ezvid is compatible with all modern windows version. There are many features available and create incredibly sharp and high resolution movies that comes in-front of yours. You can make speed changes, rearrange, add text, image slides and more for creating video in minutes. It increases the speed of screen recording workflow and video editing organization. Ezvid elegant is the revolutionary screen drawing functionality that lets you draw directly on your screen.

Ezvid has features like automatic animation effects and has hardware accelerated video playback. It supports all video and image formats that includes game play videos from software like fraps, camtasia and hypercam. There are many best drawing tools available during recording and utilize them to draw freely or to place of various shapes on the screen. You can start recording your voice with a microphone and import recording, add text slides and even convert text to speech. There is also a option to upload the edited footage to directly to youtube. This product is very easy to use and record anything on the screen.



The leading screen capture for PC and video editor tool from SmartPixel which is easy to use and has integrated D3D recording technology that is compatible with most PC and mobile games. It comes with rich video editing feature where you can create professional video in 1080p HD video quality with less cpu usage and disk usage. You capture screen videos, tutorial videos, webcam video and personalized music video. SmartPixel screen recorder comes with area, full screen and PIP screen capture mode. The area allows to capture specific part of the desktop screen and PIP mode allows to record webcam videos as microphone audio during desktop screen capturing.

SmartPixel allows you to capture impressive webcam videos with various video effects and in record setting panel you can freely adjust resolutions, frame rates, brightness for better video quality. It also has best video editing features like clip, merge and split your videos as well as do dubbing for your video. You can also effectively insert subtitles, text effect, filters, background music and video clips. After the video editing is completed, the video clip can be exported with FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other formats. the video gamer can upload and share your videos directly by smartpixel with binding social account as well as input the video title, description etc. You can upload the video to GoPlay Game video platform and share it on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and others.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Avail the Windows screen recorder software with savings and deal from Icecream Screen Recorder. You can select the particular area of the screen where you would like to take screenshot or make video from that particular section. With this best Screen Recorder for windows, you can take video with or without system sound as well as microphone sound. In this you can add graphic elements like arrow, circle, rectangle, random line and text of different colors. The users can add watermark to the screen capture and also record webcam video along with the screen recording. There is a option to select the size of a region around mouse cursor to record as well as zoom in tool makes the video more professional.

In Icecream Screen Recorder, you can trim unwanted portion from the recording after recording also and also choose the screen recorder output video quality. By using this software avail the option to change format of the recorded videos later and change the volume of microphone and system sound. After the recording, save screenshots to the clipboard and share them by skype or email immediately. The user’s also have the option to send the screenshots to icecream app server in a click and get a short url to share it with anyone. You can do scheduled screen recording and also show hotkeys that are used in the video. The recorded video can be paused and resumed at anytime you want.

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The best way to record your computer screen or import your own video and audio files from Camtasia. You can turn the recording into professional grade videos and there are options to split clips, remove portion and delete particular portion. With Techsmith camtasia, you can animate your text, images or icon and get all effects and elements in your video. Get the every effect and element in the video that can be dropped and edited directly in the preview window. Avail the option to have variety of animated background and use music to set the mood of your video. There are many robust editing features for your videos which includes screen recorder, webcam, media, transitions, voice narration, visual effects and more.

With screen recorder for windows, you can record any part of the screen down to the pixel. webcam allows you to add personal touch to your video. The multi-track timeline lets you to build your videos quickly with multiple tracks for images, videos, text and audio. Transition allows you to add intro and outro to the beginning or end of the clip, image, shape or text. You can adjust colors, add a drop shadow, change the clip speed and more. Techsmith Camtasia allows you to create remarkable videos and share it with everyone. This tool keep the audience engaged with eye catching animation, music and more. It is easy to use for creating amazing videos and attain big saving on the product with the use of coupons or promo at Camtasia.


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