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Magix Vegas Pro performs fast and efficient best video editing and it has always been the favorite choice of most users. It is designed with advanced tools that will enable you edit your video in the most effective way you have ever wanted. This product offers your unique style to edit, author and deliver the high quality video that will clearly show your level of creativity. It has always been an innovation that has the ability to deliver a complete interface that can be customized to reflect your style.

You will enjoy its ultimate flexibility and the new features that are very helpful in creating exceptional video and audio, as well as DVD and Blu-ray disc. You can use Vegas Pro to encode 4K videos or deliver the best of HD videos that are included with Dolby Digital sound system. It can also be used to publish items to your favorite streaming channel while its advanced tools take you to your destination faster than you have ever imagine.

Why You Need Magix Vegas Pro

Magix Vegas Pro has always been an innovative pioneer in terms of non-linear video editing. Its customable features will give users the experience of creating quality video editing with flexible steps. You can save up to $200 by using Vegas Pro coupon code which is provided by Magix. The interface is modern and the software is designed to support different types of work you want to perform on all standard professional system with requirements that include:

  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 4 GB Ram (16 GB for 4K)
  • and 1.5 GB Hard drive space, while it supports;
  • Various types of graphics card
  • different languages that include English, Spanish, French and Dutch
  • various video formats
  • DVD recordable drives


Magix Vegas Pros leads others when it comes to video editing and this could be attributed to its powerful and flexible features that make work so easy and fast.  However, with the new and more effective features added to it – you are going to experience the most amazing video editing like never before.

  • DVD Layouts and Designs – the professional DVD layouts, themes and templates, backgrounds and animated buttons and several effects are perfect tools you need to create impeccable DVD and you can import customized files too, to get your desire work done.
  • OFX Plug-in for cropping – you can use this feature to crop your video and photo frames. It is included with preview window that will enable users have total control of their projects.
  • OFX plug-in for picture – this advanced picture-in-picture OFX plug-in will allow you to place, size, zoom and move the picture over content in a precise and quick action while you get the result almost immediately.
  • HitFilm Video Tools – these are collection of advanced plug-ins included with Vegas Pro that will enable users repair and improve the quality of video as well to create cinematic style of video and to apply special effects.
  • DVD Preview – have you finished editing your video and eager to see how it looks like? This tool will permit you to preview your work on a television-like screen with the use of virtual remote control.

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