Top 10 Money Saving Tips



Top Money Saving Tips

Money has become an essential element of human life and it decides the luxury we can live on. Today’s modern world provides everyone so many choices to eat, wear, comfort or get entertained. So most of the people now want to save money in all possible ways to lead a comfortable life. Here are some tips that can help an individual to save money.

Stop getting the unnecessary –The first step to save money is to avoid any unwanted expenditure. The flashing lights of malls can make you buy an exotic item without thinking how well it will get used. Don’t get mesmerized with the looks of it. Check if it is really needed for you or your family. If it is not going to be, strictly avoid purchasing it.

Set budget for monthly expenses –It is always better to estimate the monthly expenses in the beginning of the month and allot money for it. Allocate a standard amount for emergency fund also. Write the actual amount spent against the budgeted amount to observe the areas where money savings can be done.

Maintain list for shopping –Before doing shopping make a list of what you want to purchase and stick to it. Pick the items written and stop getting tempted on items not in the list which will help you save lot of money.

Go for Online shopping –Do online shopping to save more money. Many retailers offer discount on their products when you shop via online. Before doing any bigger purchase, surf online stores to get best deal. Online shops offer Daily deals that gives bigger discounts on certain products for that particular day. Daily deals require you to make upfront payment on the same day.

Use coupons –Online shops give discount coupons/gift vouchers on purchase of certain products as their promotional offer. Discount coupons can be used for a short number of days and they do not require upfront payment.

Saving money while purchasing gadgets –It is obvious to get tempted to buy new gadget when it gets released. But if you wait couple of weeks after the release you can get it at lower price. Also use online coupons/deals for getting gadgets to save dollars. Sell your old gadgets to gain some more money.

Sell unused things –Whatever stuff that occupies your home and not getting used, you can put them out for a sale. Nowadays you can advertise and sell them through online sites. We can fix rates even comparing with other similar products in that site.

Avoid last minute travel bookings –As much as possible avoid last minute flight, train or bus bookings since their fares will be so high at that time. Doing early booking may even earn you discounts.

Purchasing insurance –Review rates of competing insurance companies and buy relatively cheaper auto, home, health and life insurance. Periodically asses the coverages you have opted for. Dropping coverages that are not getting applicable will save good number of dollars for you.

Have an investment plan –You can invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds depending on your financial goals. Review and understand their types before signing as they are associated with risk. Look for tax advantages before selecting particular investment. For retirement plan you can go for 401K or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) which lets you contribute several thousand dollars each year and it is completely tax deductible.

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